The Gospel Project

Children - The Gospel Project

Our goal at Pacific Union is to create an environment where children can grow as followers of Jesus. This Fall we are excited to announce a new curriculum, The Gospel Project. The Gospel Project introduces pre-school, elementary, middle and high school to the sweeping gospel story, including: the Creation,the Fall, God's Story with Israel, Jesus' life, death and resurrection and his second coming. We believe that the faith is not about what we do for God, but the amazing things God has done for us and there is no better way to learn this than to be introduced to the great gospel story of the Bible.

Nursery (Infants to Pre-School)

The nursery, staffed by a paid nursery worker and volunteer helpers, is available for children (infants to 5 years).

Children's Sunday School (Pre-School to 6th Grade)

We offer Sunday School each week during the sermon portion of the worship service for children ranging from pre-school age to 6th grade. We've built this program around the The Gospel Project - Kids, which will be taught by a great staff of six volunteer teachers.

Youth (Middle and High School)

Sunday School - The Gospel Project. Starting in the Fall 2012, the youth will meet every other Sunday during the sermon portion of the worship service. The focus of the The Gospel Project - Student study is to introduce the our middle and high school students to Jesus as the one who ties the Scriptures together, teaching them to integrate the gospel into all aspects of life. Elder Mark Gelinas will be the lead teacher for this group.

SWAG ("Saved with Amazing Grace"). SWAG is youth group of middle and high school students led by Bill Russell, Daryl Breda, Justin and Bethany Bennett. All middle and high school students are invited to get involved.

Pacific Union Family

Pacific Union Family, a blog for families struggling to pass on the faith to their children.

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Community Events

The purpose of community events is to bring adults and children together to build relationships, play together and learn together. Some of our past favorites include: Quahogging at Westport Point, Picnic at Buttonwood Park, The "Amazing Grace" Movie which told the story of William Wilberforce, and the "Pentecost" Luncheon where we ate foods and heard stories of people from different cultures from around the world.