Our Way of Life (Church Covenant)

We the members of the Pacific Union Congregational Church, as part of the body of Christ, called by the Father, saved by the Son and made alive by the Holy Spirit, in response to the love of God, humbly recognizing our own sin and need of forgiveness, commit ourselves to the pursuit of following Jesus in the life he taught us and modeled for us:

To love God with all our hearts, minds and souls:

  • By gathering together regularly as a church community for worship and by living lives that declare to the world His infinite worth.
  • By pursuing a life of daily repentance that leads to deeper joy and faith in Jesus Christ.
  • By connecting to God daily through prayer and reading the Bible.

To love our neighbor as ourselves:

  • By forgiving each other as Christ forgave us, engaging in conflict as Christ taught us and committing ourselves to the ministry of peace and reconciliation that Christ gave us.
  • By pursuing relationships that promote honesty, sharing of resources, prayer, and learning.
  • By sharing of our possessions with those who are in need.

To make disciples of Jesus:

  • By contributing our God-given time, talents, money and resources in the way that God has uniquely empowered us for the work of making disciples who will love God and their neighbor in our homes, community, church and world where God has placed us.