We currently have three deacons (Jon Borden, John Tully and Bill McQuoid) and three deaconesses (Lou Ann Nygaard, Emily Edwards, and Mary Ellen Gomes). Their mission is to take care of the physical and financial needs of people within the church and in the larger community. If you encounter a need we ask that you first see if you can meet the need yourself. If you lack the resources, then we encourage you to go the deacons and make them aware of the situation.

Serving Individuals

The deacons also provide opportunities for our church members to serve the needs of people in the church and the local community. In the past deacons have recruited people to visit the elderly, deliver food and other materials, and help clean homes. Our desire is to provide for the needs within the church and give church members the opportunity to serve the larger community.

Volunteering through local organizations

Some of these ministry opportunities are informal personal relationships and others are partnerships with local aid organizations. Here are a couple of organizations where Pacific Union members are actively working.

  • Anchor Ministries
    Anchor Ministries is a community that helps people connect to Jesus by providing meaningful opportunities to serve the poor. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Anchor Ministries at (774) 202-6809 or
  • Westport Council on Aging
    Pacific Union currently has a number of its members who work and volunteer at the Council on Aging. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Westport Council On Aging at 508-636-1026.
  • Gifts to Give
    Gifts to Give is a well run secular organization that collects clothes, toys, books, car seats, etc for needy children and distributes them through churches and social workers to needy children in our area. Pacific Union members have gotten involved through donating items and workings as volunteers to sort, clean and organize the donated books, clothes and toys. For more information, contact Nate Hall at