A community dedicated to developing leaders through the study of the lives and writings of the saints who have gone before us.

January - Augustine's Confessions Session 1 Class Handout (pdf)

February - Augustine's Confessions Session 2 - Class Handout (pdf)

March - Athanasius "On the Incarnation" - Class Handout (pdf) - Homework (pdf)

April - Anselm "Proslogion", "Why God Became Man" -  Class Handout (pdf)

May 19 - Aquinas -  Homework(pdf)

June 16 - Luther (Session 1) "To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation"

July 21 - Luther (Session 2) "The Babylonian Captivity of the Church", "The Freedom of a Christian"

August 18 - John Calvin "The Institutes of the Christian Religion Book 2 - Chapters 1-5 Church", "Golden Booklet of the True Christian Life"

September 15 - The Anabaptists - Packet including: Scleitheim Confession, "The Two Kingdoms" by Hans Schnell, "Treatise on, Scriptural Explanation of Excommunication" by Menno Simon