Branch Community Supper Volunteering at the Branch Community Supper in Fall River.

Give the gospel.

We talk a lot about the grace of God in our church, but have you ever wondered what it is for? We believe that God frees us through the forgiveness of Jesus Christ and empowers us with spiritual gifts through the Holy Spirit so that we might extend God's grace to our neighbors, our community and the world. Jesus' teaching is full of sayings like "forgive as I have forgiven you", "love one another as I have loved you", and "I will bless you and through you all nations on earth will be blessed."

We believe that no Christian life is complete until you find the unique calling that God has given you "to love as Christ loved you" in the way God has prepared you. At Pacific Union we have two ministry teams who are dedicated to serving the community and providing the church with opportunities to give the gospel to the world:

  • Deacons
    The deacons in our church dedicate themselves to serving the financial and physical needs of people in our church and in the local community.
  • Missions
    The missions committee focuses on extending the church's reach to minister to people who are beyond our own cultural boundaries whether they live locally or internationally.