Core Small Group: Gospel Powered Living

What if our identity was not wrapped up in our accomplishments? What if we knew that we had God's acceptance as an adopted son or daughter? What would our life look if we knew we were forgiven by God? How does receiving God's forgiveness empower us to forgive others? How does Jesus' message free us to be honest about ourselves? What does godly conflict look like? What am I to do with the grace God has given me?

In these six weeks we will explore these questions in light of the gospel or "good news" of Jesus Christ. The gospel is more than a ticket to heaven, it is also a path to living and loving like Jesus here on earth.

Group Topics

  1. Our Gospel Identity - Our Adoption and the Righteousness of Christ
  2. Getting Worse to Get Better
  3. A Lifestyle of Repentance
  4. A Lifestyle of Forgiveness
  5. Gospel-Centered Reconciliation and Conflict
  6. The Propulsion of Grace: What if grace wasn't just for you.

Gospel Powered Living Teaching Notes (pdf)

Gospel Powered Living Student Handouts (pdf)