Leadership Team

The ultimate authority in our church is Jesus Christ. The church membership as followers of Jesus come together to seek the will of God for our church. By consensus, the church membership chooses the leaders for the church including the elders, deacons and the church committees.


PUCC EldersPUCC Elders: Mark Gelinas, Larry Palmer and Nathan Hall.

In 2003, the membership at Pacific Union elected Mark Gelinas, Larry Palmer and Nathan Hall to serve as elders for the church. The elders provide spiritual oversight for the church overseeing teaching, worship service and pastoral care for the church. The elders work as a team of equals. When there is disagreement, they search and pray together until God brings them to agreement.

In 2004, Nathan Hall was ordained Pastor of Pacific Union. This simply means that he works fulltime, but he remains an elder with no more than the other elders.


The deacons are those who are specially recognized by the church for their gifts in caring for the needs of the poor and the elderly. Pacific Union is currently served by three deaconness', LouAnn Nygaard, Pat Fortier, and Mary Ellen Gomes and three deacons, Jon Borden, Bill McQuoid, and Mike Doherty.