Tolupan ProjectPUCC Missions Team member with members of the Tolupan Tribe in Yorito, Yoro, Honduras.

"Church Owned" Mission Projects

We recently decided as church that while there is some good in supporting missionaries and sending out an occasional work team, there was a real need for as a church to take on projects that committed our chruch to a particular group of people for the long term. The idea is that the church commits to a people group for the long term to see the kingdom of God grow, by working for the betterment of the community and assisting the Christians there as they establish new churches.

In 2008, the church took a bold step by voting to begin a long term missions project to partner with the Tolupan People in Honduras to work with them as they establish sustainable communities and plant new churches. Our first project is now called the Tolupan Project. You can get more information about the project and get involved by visiting the project site at