Core Small Group: Spiritual Disciplines

How is it possible to connect to God in a meaningful way when we live in a noisy, demanding, multi-tasking world where we are constantly on the go? The Spiritual Disciplines small group takes 6 weeks to study ancient Christian practices called spiritual disciplines that train our soul to be receptive to God.

For many people the thought of training ourselves to be spiritual sounds strange. Spirituality is something that just comes spontaneously or naturally. Ancient Christians have pointed out that just as it takes a musician many years of playing scales to become a master, an athlete intense workouts with running and calisthetics, so also the heart must be trained to enjoy God's presence.

Modern Christians may be good at being effecient and getting projects done, but the Ancient Christians have a lot to teach us about how to live the "good life". These spiritual disciplines are tools to put ourselves in a postion to connect to God and be transformed by Him.

Group Topics

  1. The Spiritual Disciplines and Grace
  2. Disciplines of Abstinence (silence, solitude, fasting, ...)
  3. Disciplines of Engagement (prayer, bible reading, meditation, ...)
  4. The Psalms: The School of Prayer
  5. Ancient Rhythms (the divine hours, Sabbath, the Christian Year)