Core Small Group: Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

Every follower of Jesus receives the Holy Spirit as a gift from God. But did you know that the Holy Spirit gives every believer, not just some, but every believer special gifts and abilities called Spiritual Gifts? Every believer in Jesus is unique and God has given each believer a unique role to play in God's church.

This small group will help each person discover the unique Spiritual Gifts that the Holy Spirit has given them and how these gifts point to a unique calling and ministry in their life. The teaching is based largely on the book, The 3 Colors of Ministry, by Christian Schwartz.

Group Topics

  1. The 3 Colors of Ministry
  2. The Spiritual Gifts and God's Calling
  3. The DISC Profile
  4. The Process of Discovering your Spiritual Gifts
  5. The Spiritual Gifts Inventory - Week 1
  6. The Spiritual Gifts Inventory - Week 2

Spiritual Gifts Teaching Notes (pdf)