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Multiplying Churches

Carlos the Tolupan Pastor

When we first visited the Tolupan villages in 2008, we came with the assumption that the Tolupan were unreached by the gospel. We were surprised to discover that there were handfuls of Tolupan Christians in each of the villages we visited. This changed our primary task from evangelism to a playing a supporting role to the Tolupan Christians as they develop and plant new churches in their communities.

In the village of Pacayal, one Tolupan man, Carlos, has taken the initiative to plant a church. This church plant as of May 2010 has 56 members. Our plan is to provide resources and support to churches like these as the grow and multiply by planting new churches.

We are very excited by what God is doing among these new churches. In 2009, we helped pay for Carlos' travel expenses to visit a Tolupan church in the village of San Juan in the Montana de la Flor Anthropological Preserve. This church in San Juan was planted as a result of the work by Ron and Lynn Dennis of Wycliffe Bible Translators who translated the Bible into the Tol language. This Tolupan led church has provided support to Carlos as he plants his church in Pacayal miles away. We firmly believe that the job of evangelism and establishing churches among the Tolupan belongs to the Tolupan Christians. We are amazed to see the Spirit of God work as we seek to partner with what God is already doing.