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The Mina Honda Tolupan

Tolupan Trail

The Mina Honda Tolupan are a subgroup of the Tolupan tribe (sometimes called Tol, Tolpan or Jicaque) who live in a string of mountain villages on the outskirts of the town of Yorito in Yoro, Honduras. Having endured centuries of oppression since the coming of the Spanish in the 16th Century, the Tolupan are among the poorest of the peoples in Honduras. Today, they are primarily subsistence farmers, although they do grow coffee that is sold to the outside community. In the 1980s, cousins to the Tolupan, the Tolpan of Montana de la Flor received the Bible in their Tol language. A Tolupan church was born as a result of the translation work.

Tolupan Project

Mission Trip 2008

In 2008, a team from Pacific Union Congregational Church (Westport, MA) and Bethany Gospel Chapel (Swansea, MA) along with Rick Beck of Youth for Christ visited the Mina Honda Tolupan Tribe in the Yorito, Yoro area of Honduras. On the final day of that trip, the team was given a formal request by the tribal council to help the tribe build a tribal center in the village of Pacayal.

From that request has emerged an international partnership to assist the Tolupan tribe in the following ways:

  • Sustainable Communities
    Future projects include: community health programs, vocational training (plumbing, carpentry, arts/crafts) and agriculture (coffee)
  • Multiplying Churches
    Assist the Tolupan churches with an emphasis on pastoral training, discipleship and leadership develoment.

Introduction to the Tolupan Project

TOLUPAN from Nate Hall on Vimeo.