Tolupan Project :: Sustainable Communities. Multiplying Churches.


Tolupan children peeking through our window.

How can you help? Are you feeling adventurous? Join one of our mission team and travel to Honduras. Do you prefer not to travel? We need help in the following areas:

  • Webmaster. We are looking for someone to maintain and update the Tolupan Project Website.
  • E-Newsletter Editor. We need a web savvy editor to take over our project e-newsletter: The Tolupan Project Network.
  • Raise Awareness. Spread the word to your church or among your friends. Arrange a presentation at your church or a dinner party among your friends.
    Tolupan Project Overview (pdf)
    Response Card (pdf)

Interested? Contact Nicole Gardikis at or you can join the Tolupan Project Network. By registering with the Tolupan Project Network and checking off the "Volunteer" check box you will receive the Tolupan Project Newsletter and be contacted by someone from our missions team.