Our CongregationOur Congregation.

Who We Are

Pacific Union Congregational Church is an evangelical congregational church located in the Head of Westport section of Westport. Being congregational is a vision that sees the church as a community of people who are bound together by:

Each local congregational church is autonomous with the ultimate authority in the church being the members of the church who together seek Christ's will for the church under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

This means that members are vitally important for the health of the church. It is the members who confirm the spiritual giftings of their fellow members and appoint them to positions of leadership in the community. All elders, deaons, and church officers are appointed by a consensus of the church membership. It is the membership that votes on the church budget at the Annual Meeting in October. It is the memebrship who removes leaders and other mothers for unrepentant moral failures or major doctrinal errors.

Because we don't have a strong hierarchy to hold us together, the glue that holds the church together is our statement of faith (a commitment to a common set of beliefs) and our church covenant (a committment to a common way of life.)